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We are committed to providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Market Studies

Our market studies are a comprehensive analysis of the current trends, competitor activities, customer preferences, and potential growth opportunities in the utilities sector. We utilize advanced data analytics tools to gather and interpret data, providing our clients with actionable insights that help them to strategize effectively and stay ahead in the market.

Joint Use Clearance Audits

Our joint use clearance audits involve a thorough review of the clearance requirements between various attachments on the utility poles. We check for compliance with safety regulations and standards, identifying any potential risks or issues. These audits help in preventing safety hazards and ensuring the optimal use of the utility pole's space.

Pole Loading Analysis

Our utility pole design services are comprehensive and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. We utilize advanced CAD software for precise designs and leverage our knowledge of industry standards and regulations to ensure optimal safety and functionality.


Field Data Collection and Verification

We are equipped with advanced data collection tools and software that allow us to efficiently gather and analyze a multitude of field data. Our services include capturing data such as pole height, condition, location, attachment details, and equipment inventory. Post collection, the data is verified using advanced algorithms to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Pole Audits

Our pole audits encompass a detailed examination of the utility poles' physical condition, load capacity, and compliance with safety regulations. We assess the poles for any signs of decay, damage, or overloading, providing a comprehensive report with our findings and recommendations. These audits help in identifying potential issues at an early stage, ensuring the durability of the utility poles and avoiding costly replacements or repairs.

Make-Ready Survey & Design

Our make-ready survey and design services are aimed at preparing utility poles for new attachments or upgrades. We conduct a thorough survey to assess the current state of the pole and its capacity to handle additional load. Based on our findings, we provide detailed design plans for the necessary adjustments or reinforcements, ensuring that all work complies with industry standards and regulations.

Post Construction Analysis

Our Utility Post-Construction Audit service is designed to ensure the integrity, compliance, and safety of utility infrastructure following the completion of construction projects. At VDI, we understand the critical importance of verifying that all installations are in line with regulations, standards, and your specific requirements.

Pole Replacement Design

Our pole replacement design services provide comprehensive solutions for poles that need to be replaced due to aging, damage, or changing load requirements. We handle everything from the initial design phase to the final execution, ensuring a smooth and seamless replacement process. Our designs take into account the specific requirements of the new pole, including load capacity, lifespan, and compliance with safety standards.

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